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The word Shooista is creating a buzz in the fashion world, and implies a person’s hard-core passion for shoes.

A man loves polished formal shoes and a woman is too obsessed with sky high heels. But, woe to those people who do not know the trends have changed. Fashionistas, rather shooistas, these days seek their obsession in comfort and not in what the world follows. If you are also one of those people who prefer keeping comfort at the top, then you are the right place. At Myntra we are offering amazing collection of comfortable as well as stylish Nike shoes. As we all know Nike is a brand that is known for designing one of a kind sports and running shoes. It gives you the athletic look that is super classy and comfortable to flaunt. You can buy Nike shoes online at Myntra.


If you think you have to opt for different shoes for every attire, then you are probably wrong. Nike shoes are made to flaunt with every kind of outfit. Be it a pair of jeans or your jogger pants, chinos or denim shorts, Nike shoes are designed in such a way that it will give a voguish feel to everything you wear. So, you don’t have to worry about searching through the closet to find the outfit for the special occasion, the right shoes will do the job for you. Not only do these shoes keep you stylish but also provides you with ultimate comfort. And if you are a gym freak, Nike shoes are the best you can have. Ultra-comfortable fitting, extra cushioning to feet and solid grip makes them the ideal running shoes. Aren’t these all the things that we need in an ideal sports footwear?

Also, the wanderer in you will thank you for opting these shoes as they make for a perfect travel companion.

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